We are a young dynamic team under supervision & supported by Doctors Fraternity to realize the Vision of the Organization.

Our Vision - To be the best online platform For the Doctors. Of the Doctors and By the Doctors.

Our Mission - To provide one-point solution of all hospital needs to achieve Doctor’s ambitions.

Our Moto - Give more than you Take.

For Doctors - Doctors can post your Free time for OPD/IPD, interested in taking any Department for outsourcing like Radiology/Laboratory/Dialysis/ICU/Cath Lab or Purchasing any Equipment. Ambition for own hospital and seeking area of Support like Funding/Land/Partner/Hospital for Purchase.
After submission you will get matching Data available or notification when it will be available in future. You will also get Free advice for your Clinic/ Hospital Business Promotion on your E Mail.

For Hospitals - Hospital can post her Required Consultant timing for OPD/IPD, interested in outsourcing any Department like: Quality (NABH/NABL)/ Radiology/ Laboratory/ Dialysis/ ICU/ Cath lab/ Pharmacy/ Duty Doctors/ Nurses/ Security/ Housekeeping/ Canteen or Purchasing any Equipment.
Ambition for hospital
Expansion/ New Hospital and seeking area of Support like Funding/ Land/ Partner/ Hospital for Purchase.
After submission you will get matching Data available or Call for Customize Requirement or notification/ Call when it will be available in future. You will also get Free advice for your Hospital Business Promotion on your Email.

Our Focus on sharing with Friends to make a win–win situation Ecosystem for all Doctors by Feeling the pain of Doctors.

What you have to do?

If you require NABH / NABL/Hospital planning and development /Hospital branding. fill the form online given below.

Our Achievements

We have already completed 40 Projects of NABH/NABL/Hospital Planning and Development/QCI Inspection and Hospital Branding and more than 20 Running projects in Delhi, Gurugram, Ghaziabad, Agra, Aligarh, Bulandshahr, Bareilly, Meerut, Panipat & Karnal. We have already done CME in association with Indian Medical Association Local Branch of Bareilly, Agra & Faridabad. We are a young and dynamic firm with core expertise in fulfilling any requirements for Hospital at ONE point by specialized team at affordable cost to fulfil the ambition of a Doctors.

We Deal in

  1. Accreditation Consultancy (NABH & NABL)
  2. Hospital Planning & Development
  3. Quality Department Outsourcing
  4. Hospital Management Outsourcing
  5. Hospital Branding
  6. QCI Inspection
  7. Staff Training



  • R. S. Grover Hospital - Delhi
  • Mahesh Hospital - Delhi
  • P. D. Gupta Mediscan Centre - Delhi
  • Goyal Hospital & Urology Centre - Delhi
  • Ganesh Diagnostic & Imaging Centre - Delhi
  • J. P. Memorial Hospital - Delhi
  • Arya Hospital - Delhi
  • Patel Hospital - Delhi
  • Galaxy Hospital - Delhi
  • Chirag Hospital - Gurgaon
  • Agra Heart Centre - Agra
  • G. R. Hospital & Research Centre - Agra
  • Seth Hospital - Karnal
  • Ahuja Hospital - Panipat
  • Aman Hospital - Panipat
  • Apex Hospital & Trauma Centre - Panipat


  • Valentis Cancer Hospital - Meerut
  • Global Hospital - Bareilly
  • Ajay Pratima Hospital - Bareilly
  • Kailash Eye Hospital - Bareilly
  • Garg Hospital & Path Lab - Bareilly
  • Kailash Hospital - Bareilly
  • Vaidik Hospital - Bareilly
  • Mahendra Gayatri Hospital - Bareilly
  • K. K. Hospital Bareilly
  • Sunayan Eye Hospital - Bareilly
  • Deepmala Hospital - Bareilly
  • Dharmdutt City Hospital - Bareilly
  • Advance Neopaeds Care Centre - Bareilly
  • Alaunus Hospital - Bareilly
  • Ruchi Atul Hospital - Bareilly


  • Srinath Medicity Hospital - Bareilly
  • Susheel Hospital - Bareilly
  • Saheed Bhagat Singh Eye Hospital - Bareilly
  • Chandra Lok Hospital - Bareilly
  • Choubey ENT Hospital - Bareilly
  • Raj Rani Hospital - Bareilly
  • Devendra Hospital - Bareilly
  • Murti Nursing Home - Bareilly
  • Global Hospital - Bareilly
  • Ajay Pratima Hospital - Bareilly
  • Geetanjali Hospital Pataudi - Gurgaon
  • Care & Cure Multispeciality Hospital - Indirapuram
  • Global Hospital - Bulandsahar
  • Rajul Endoscopy Hospital - Aligarh
  • Swasthya Hospital - Delhi
  • Annporna Hospital - Aligarh
  • Kumar Nursing Home - Aligarh
  • Ahuja Hospital - Panipat
  • Valentis Cancer Hospital - Meerut


  1. We have completed approximately 40 Hospitals NABH/NABL/QCI Hospital Planning & Development Completed & More than 20 Running projects
  2. Team of Doctors, Professionals & Technical persons.
  3. One-point solution of all your Hospital Management needs like NABH/NABL Accreditation/QCI Inspection/Hospital Planning & Development & Hospital Branding
  4. Get assistance in New Department Opening/Department Outsourcing/Doctors Collaboration/Equipment’s Purchase /Hospital Sale/ Purchase & Service providers Details
  5. Faster NABH Accreditation will help to increase hospital revenue Early


  • Site identification
  • Strategic Planning & Market research
  • Service line organization and determination
  • Review of plans
  • Help select and/or work with architecture firm, All stakeholders, Hospital Planning Consultant
  • Provide guidance on layout and throughput strategies
  • Aid with other needs as they arise during the construction process


  • Improper Budgeting
  • One Size Fits all approach
  • Not involving All stakeholders in Hospital
  • Planning like Administrator, Clinicians, Nurses & Technicians
  • Not Hiring Hospital Planning Consultants or hiring Cheapest Consultant to save few Thousands, which leads to weaker base of Hospital Quality for future
  • Not gearing up for Technology Changes
  • Not setting a proper target date for Hospital Opening
  • Avoiding Accreditation
  • Avoiding Social Responsibility-like Health Check-ups, Awareness Campaign
  • Inadequate Marketing
  • Recruiting the Wrong People
  • Ignoring the Local Market
  • Not focusing on Patient Experience
  • Ignoring Waste Management


  • Emergency will become a top priority for hospitals
  • IT is becoming increasingly important in MRD
  • Environmental concerns Like STP/ETP, Solar System, Rain Water Harvesting becoming more important



  • Strength of Your Hospital which can generate revenue for You
  • Weakness of Your Hospital which needs working for Business Promotion
  • Opportunity Which can be seen for Hospital's Current and Future Business
  • Threats Which areas needs attention